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High Blood Pressure in Women

High blood pressure presents risks and challenges for everyone, but there can be special considerations for women. Risk profiles, treatment points, lifestyle concerns, and associated medical problems can be slightly different in women than in men, especially women over 35. Learning about these important differences will help you make the most of your prevention and treatment efforts.
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How does estrogen protect against heart disease?
It is now well known that estrogen protects women from developing certain types of heart disease. Prior to menopause, women produce sufficient amounts of estrogen to decrease their risk of having a heart attack to much less than that of a man. After menopause, though, estrogen levels fall, and by age 60-65 men and women have approximately equal risk. Learn how this protection works, and how much protection do women actually receive.

Do Calcium Supplements Affect High Blood Pressure Medications?
Calcium supplements are generally safe, recommended for older women, and are not likely to directly affect your blood pressure. They may, however, indirectly cause your blood pressure to increase if you are currently being treated for existing hypertension. Calcium can affect the potency of some blood pressure medications, though, and can cause especially dangerous problems at high concentrations.

Should Women with Heart Disease be Treated Differently?
As research into heart disease and high blood pressure progresses, scientists are uncovering more differences between how men and women are affected by these diseases. Gender differences appear to play important roles in everything from the risk of developing disease to what complications are most likely to occur. Increasingly, data shows that gender differences may also affect what treatment options are the most appropriate.

Pregnancy Induced High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure that develops during pregnancy, referred to as gestational hypertension, can be a mild problem that poses little risk to either mother or baby, or it can be a more serious condition that requires treatment to ensure that neither mother nor baby suffer any potentially dangerous side effects.

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Evaluating High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy
High blood pressure caused by pregnancy can be either a simple, uncomplicated issue, or may require further workup and treatment to prevent potentially dangerous problems later on. The process of deciding what, if any, treatment may be needed is relatively routine, and will involve several steps. Typically, no complicated or long term steps are required, but some lab work and imaging ma…

Changes to American Heart Association Guidelines
The American Heart Association maintains treatment guidelines that are considered the final authority on the state-of-the-art treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Recent changes to these guidelines focus primarily on women's health and well being. Do you know what these changes are?

Women & High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure is a disease with special implications and concerns for women. Learn how unique issues such as birth control, pregnancy, and fluctuating estrogen levels link to the concept of high blood presure, and how to keep youself safe.

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy
High blood pressure associated with pregnancy can be a serious problem, and it is important to understand how this condition develops and how to minimize your risk. Taking simple steps can help you avoid this potentially dangerous condition.

Blood Pressure After Menopause
With the onset of menopause, women are exposed to a unique set of risks and concerns that place them at greatly increased risk for developing high blood pressure. How does menopause affect heart health? How can you stay healthy after menopause?

Birth Control Pills & Blood Pressure
Oral contraceptive pills are a popular and generally safe method of avoiding unwanted pregnancy. Because these pills contain hormones that may affect your blood pressure, it is important to understand what effects you might expect and how to work with your doctor if complications develop

Women & Heart Disease
Keeping your heart healthy can minimize the risk of developing serious problems later in life. This informative guide provides an introduction to topics especially important for heart health in women

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