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Components of The Circulatory System

An introduction to the different parts which comprise the circulatory system. Each component is described in terms of structure, function, and the role it plays in regulating blood pressure. Appropriate for beginners, each discussion is explained clearly, with simple language and no scientific jargon.

Introduction to the Circulatory System
The circulatory system is made of several important parts. Explore the role of the heart and blood vessels, and discover how they work together to supply blood to the body. Learn about how and where blood flow regulation happens, and the impact this has on blood pressure and heart health.

Part #1: The Heart
The heart is the driving engine behind the circulatory system. Understand what the heart is, and how it carries out its vital functions.

Part #2: Arteries
Part two in Components of The Circulatory System explores the structure and function of the blood vessels called arteries.

Part #3: Arterioles
The properties of arterioles and they unique role they play in the regulation of blood pressure are discussed in the third part of Components of The Circulatory System.

Part #4: Capillaries
The fourth part of Components of The Circulatory System discusses the unique role of capillaries in supplying the body with oxygen and nutrients.

Part #5: Veins
Veins are the focus of the final part of Components of The Circulatory System. Learn how these blood vessels gather blood from the body and carry it back to the heart.

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