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Interesting links continue to be drawn between blood pressure and brain function, with new studies seeming to indicate that low blood pressure can be as bad for brain function as high blood pressure is.

High systolic blood pressures, have previously been linked to significant cognitive decline in older subjects. Newer research has worked to show that these links extend to diastolic pressure readings, as well. However, in the case of diastolic pressures, it appears that both high and low values have negative effects.

Researchers have additionally noted that brain function appears to be more preserved in younger people, people with higher education levels, and people taking high blood pressure medicine, regardless of the actual numerical values for diastolic pressure.

By contrast, high or low diastolic pressures, the "lower" number on the reading, were tied to cognitive impairments in subjects who were older, less educated, or not taking blood pressure drugs. Monitoring and treating high or excessively low blood pressures, "may be critical to the preservation of cognitive function," the researchers conclude.

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